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ACO International a division of ACO Technologies plc is a recognised world leader in the manufacture and supply of internal and external surface water drainage systems. Materials of manufacture include corrosion resistant polymer concrete and stainless steel. The systems are complete with gratings, sumps and gullies and are tested to DIN load classes from A15kN through to F900kN. Suitable for use in all types of projects where the removal or containment of surface liquids is required.

Its business involves the design, manufacture and distribution of complete pipe systems in ductile iron for the drinking water supply and wastewater systems, complete pipe solutions in iron for the building and construction markets and municipal castings manholes and gratings in ductile iron to name but a few.

Wade manufactures a comprehensive range of drainage products to address a myriad of applications. Product offerings include Floor Gullies and Access Covers, Roof Outlets, Linear Drainage, Grease Converters and Oil / Sediment Interceptors.Users can also download the latest information and literature on their product range, as well as CAD files which may be used in your specification drawings.

Saint-Gobain Pipelines provides solutions through technical excellence, innovation, service and techology for the water, construction and communications industries, through a complete range of Ductile Iron Pipes and Fittings Valves, Hydrants and Couplings Access Covers and Gratings Drainage Productions.

With its extensive range of products and systems, Geberit offers innovative solutions for every application in sanitary technology. Once they have been built in, many Geberit products remain invisible to the end-user. Behind pre-wall installations or even embedded in concrete into the wall or floor, they perform their functions for decades thanks to their high quality and reliability.

Howe Green is the market-leading manufacturer of fabricated floor access covers. Their unique designs allow for precision manufacturing to order, as single covers, duct runs or for large span openings, without cost premium and to the dimensions required for application.

Hargreaves supplies Builders, Plumbing and Roofing Merchants with traditional cast iron rainwater and soil products throughout the UK and Ireland and enjoys excellent relations with all its customers.

As designers and manufacturers of fabricated steel products, they supply exactly what the customer requires, specified from their extensive product range.